There is not one, but a thousand ways to enjoy cognac. If it rhymes with the art of living and tradition, this exceptional eau-de-vie knows how to surprise and keep up with the times. As an aperitif or digestif, served dry or on the rocks, as a short or long drink, as a cocktail or with other beverages, cognac lends itself to every kind of daring.

Perhaps the first is to discover it pure, face to face. Open your eyes, nostrils and taste buds wide, and serve the cognac at room temperature in a tulip-shaped glass. The typical shape of this glass allows the aromas to spread out during tasting. You’ll be able to discern and decompose all its aromatic richness even better, whatever the age of the eau-de-vie. For all other drinks, there’s only one watchword: be creative and feel free !

How do you read a Cognac label ?


This is the acronym for Very Special.
The youngest eau de vie in the blend has been aged for 2 years.


This is the acronym for Very Superior Old Pale.
The youngest eau de vie in the blend has been aged for 4 years.


This is the acronym for Extra Old.
The youngest eau de vie in the blend has been aged in oak barrels for 10 years.

The cognac aroma wheel

The aromatic richness of cognac can be grouped into different families of fragrances and flavours. Taste and have fun putting words and images to your emotions, first to better capture them, then to share them.
In addition to rancio, which is characterised by notes of autumn undergrowth, mushrooms and walnut oil – specific aromas born of long ageing in oak barrels, which increase in intensity with time – cognac also has fruity notes (which reveal themselves according to the degree of maturation of the cognac, 40-year-old eaux-de-vie reveal notes of coconut and passion fruit), floral (rose, violet and daisy are the main aromas of a young eau-de-vie), woody (30-year-old eaux-de-vie reveal notes of sandalwood, cedar and cigar box) or spicy (15-year-old eaux-de-vie reveal notes of ginger, cinnamon or curry).

Where can you enjoy your cognac ?

There are plenty of options to choose from !


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