Hennessy’s offer is a dynamic multi-sensory journey that focuses on surprise.

A boat trip on the Charente is an unusual way to start the visit of Maison Hennessy in Cognac.  Year round, our experts take visitors on a journey through history, know-how par excellence and the iconic products from the universe of the House.

The first stage is the Chai des Pavillons, where a contemporary scenography, figuring bold artistic stances, directs the visitor towards the multiple aspects of the House: the Hennessy family saga, an exploration of the different stages of cognac production and highlighting the know-how and talent that have built the history of the House.  

JAS Hennessy & Co – Arnaud Koncina


In this cellar, the visitor can undertake an immersive odyssey in virtual reality that lasts twenty minutes “MOBILIS” a blend of poetry and high tech. A creation by two French artists (Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas) that uses visuals, sound and the senses to explore in a singular manner the heritage of the House. 

Taste cognac like a professional, theory and practice

JAS Hennessy & Co – Jean-Philippe Lebee
barrels, casks and barrels where cognac brandy is aged in the cellar of the founder of the hennessy trading house in Cognac

In the traditional aging cellar full of activity, you enter the universe of eaux-de-vie. Notice the barrels made of oak, the blackened walls and the “angels’ share” that escapes from the barrels in the half-light. Back on the other bank of the Charente, it’s time for the tasting rituals.
Discover the daily round of the Hennessy Tasting Committee, become a member and experiment the different ways of tasting the iconic cognacs of the House.

A unique and unchanging ritual

CEvery Day at 11 o’clock precisely, the full Tasting Committee enters the Grand Bureau for a routine that has existed since 1920. Around the Master-Assembler, they evaluate forty or so samples of eaux-de-vie of different ages in order to decide their future. This is a particularly rigorous exercise that legitimises the long term vision of these experts who are required to transmit to their successors a heritage that must bear fruit. It’s this unchanging ceremony, led by the Master-Assembler that guarantees the continuity of the quality of Hennessy cognacs.

Your visit ends in the only Hennessy boutique in the world to offer the entire collection of cognacs from Maison Hennessy; limited or collector editions created with famous artists as well as exclusive personalisation services.

Hennessy boutique with a foreground of plexiglass in shades of green and a shelf with bottles of VSOP special edition created by the designer Stéphane Ashpool

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