Five generations of the Camus family have lived with a common conviction: to transmit, decade after decade, passion, heritage, tradition, know-how and excellence.

Behind the scenes of a family passion…

Camus, the unique independent family-run major Cognac House, is known for the excellence of its know-how, its technical innovations and its commitment to the quality of its creations. With its 190ha in the heart of the Borderies, the rarest cru in Cognac, Camus strives to make the most aromatic of cognacs.

Cognac Camus

Master blender

It’s during a visit designed around olfaction that you will discover the secrets of distillation and the slow alchemy of aging and become a true connoisseur. Appreciate the intense aromas of our cognacs during the tasting.

A unique distillation

Julie Landreau, maître de chai de la maison de négoce Camus, sélectionnant les eaux-de-vie qui entreront dans l'élaboration des cognacs Camus
Cognac Camus

A unique distillation

Camus is always at the forefront of renewal and innovation by creating cognacs that marry balance and refinement in sensory specificities.
Thus, in 2017, the exclusive process of distillation patented
« Instensity® » was introduced. A tailor-made method of distillation, entirely by hand, that enables fractions of the most aromatic liquids, rich in esters and intense fruit perfumes to be selected during the second distillation.
As a result of this unique technique, our cognacs are up to 7 times more aromatic than with a standard distillation.
This secret of production of Camus cognacs is a result of 15 years of research and development in order to reach an unequalled aromatic intensity.

Julie Landreau, Cellar-Master


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