With 200 years of history behind it, Maison Delamain always aims for excellence.

Art and craftsmanship

The truth and challenge of crafting beautiful, old cognacs is this: They have the potential to amaze and engage the senses, they can lift craftmanship into art.
This truth is what drives Delamain’s excellence and always approach and sets Delamain apart in the” cognacsphere”

Being part of this moment of discovery with guests is always a pleasure for me. The immersive and intimate nature of our visits is designed to enhance what is a very personal sensorial experience.'

Rebecca Montgomery

Cognacs from the Grande-Champagne cru

Accord fromages, chèvre, bleu, roquefort et cognac de la Maison de négoce Delamain à Jarnac
Cognac Delamain

Cognacs from the Grande-Champagne cru

Delamain focuses on exceptionality at every stage of the cognac lifecycle. Beginning with the best of nature (Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie), and then applying cellaring and blending practices honed across centuries, the House of Delamain allows every cognac the time necessary to achieve its full natural potential. An unyielding quest for the concerted best of nature, man and time yielding sublime and naturally elegant cognacs.

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