The oldest of the great cognac houses is open to visits on its historic site and invites you to participate in an unprecedented journey into the heart of its heritage, its terroir and its know-how.

The oldest of the great cognac house was founded by Jean Martell in 1715 and it is recognised worldwide for the finesse and elegance of its cognacs, the result of know-how handed down over nine generations. Quite apart from the passion for its profession and a deep attachment to the land, La Maison Martell is defined by the boldness with which it opens the way to new expressions of cognac, such as the iconic Martell Cordon Bleu created in 1912.

Cognac Martell

L'Atelier Martell

Martell invites you into its new boutique “L’Atelier Martell”.
Here you can discover new experiences such as personalisation of our products as well as exclusive editions Atelier Martell Cognac.

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