Le Château de Cognac that dominates the river Charente was initially a 10th century fortress; its role was to halt Norman invasions. In the 15th century it became a seigneurial dwelling where one of the most illustrious French kings, François 1st, was born.

An ideal place for the aging of eaux-de-vie

Le Château de Cognac

Baron Otard, who had founded his Maison de Cognac in 1795, understood how the thickness of the walls provided unique, exceptional conditions for the aging of his eaux-de-vie. Thus, he acquired the château, saving it from total destruction.

History of France and History of Baron Otard cognacs

Château de Cognac – Théo Schuman & Olivier Wonguy

Le Château de Cognac, a listed building, is today a House of cognacs.

We offer different visits that compare the history of France and the history of Baron Otard et d’Ussé cognacs.

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