We are the biggest independent vineyard in the cognac appellation and work 480ha of vines but nevertheless have not lost our deep attachment to the soil.

Naturally spirituous

Cognac Boinaud
Vineyards of the Boinaud estate in Angeac Charente located in the Grande Champagne vineyard

Our family worked wood around Angeac (the name Boinaud has its root in the French for wood) from the 16th century.
Gradually we specialised in vine growing and distillation. This heritage, together with our rural common sense, holds good today.
Nowadays we control the complete production chain from the grape to the glass with tailor-made solutions for each stage. We take care of the land, of the aging, of the bottling and of course the distillation … We stand firm for this global approach that is unique in the Cognac area.

We are firmly and squarely revolutionary at Maison Boinaud. Ours is a profession of energy and passion. We are continually asking questions of the status quo. Our feet are firmly anchored in the present but we look forward to the future.

We are innovators

Previous generations have provided us with a mastery of the production line of spirits but it is a model that we are permanently looking at to reinvent in order to optimise it.

We are visionaries

Our artisanal brands of cognac and whisky have been designed to mark their era and to shift the lines. Our vocation is to be one step ahead in the production of spirits of conviviality and quality.

We are committed

Protecting the ecosystem has always been the very essence of Maison Boinaud. It’s because we live on the land that we cultivate with respect that we know that a healthy soil is a fertile soil. That explains why Maison Boinaud has always been a precursor of virtuous management of the estate through responsible and rational vine growing.
The importance of our vineyard has given us a free hand to experiment unreservedly in terms of viticultural innovation and we have gained a double certification: HVE (High Environmental Value level 3) and CEC (Cognac Environmental Certification), thus proving our environmental commitment.

Abeille d'une ruche domaine Boinaud Angeac Champagne, engagement environnemental
Cognac Boinaud

Our goal is to have zero phytosanitary products in use by 2030, a low carbon strategy and recuperation of rainwater. We have deliberately given ourselves very ambitious environmental targets so that our products are purer, our estate more resilient and of course, to minimise our footprint. And the first results are in : the good health of the bees living in the estate’s 48 hives being the most convincing proof.

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