Major events punctuate and spell FUN in Destination Cognac’s year. Whether cultural or sporting, we all await the calendar every year with the same impatience. Who will headline the Blues Festival or the Fête du Cognac? What are the Son et Lumière shows, the 3 Coups de Jarnac or the Coup de Chauffe that will make us laugh or go Ooooh in admiration? And what unmissable readings will the Polar and LEC Festivals provide?
It’s all here!

Sites remarquables du goût

In 2013, Cognac from the growth area of Grande Champagne in Segonzac, known for the subtlety of its eaux-de-vie, obtained the national mark supported by the Ministries of Culture, Tourism, Environment and Agriculture and is now one of 70 noteworthy taste sites in France. Every year, on the first weekend in February, Grande Champagne cognac…
02 July 06 July 2024

Cognac Blues Passions

Cognac Blues Passions has brought thrilling R&B stars from all over the world to the Jardin Public and the banks of the Charente. Music that’s open to the world The eclectic program mixes and untangles all the currents from the meanders of music open to the world.A desire to share and meet people determines above…
11 July 13 July 2024

The Son et Lumière show in Bourg-Charente

This historic show on the banks of the Charente at the foot of Bourg-Charente château is created by the local History & Culture association and traces the story of a tradition and know-how that’s unique: cognac. A magical spectacle Following the success of the “Once upon a time in Bourg-Charente” show in 2016 and 2017,…
19 July 22 January 2024

La Croix Montamette fair

Since 1909, Cognac has welcomed a great fair over several days, famous for its multiple attractions and fireworks display. There are more than 80 attractions, both large and small and notably for thrill-seekers.
23 July 10 August 2024

Les Trois Coups de Jarnac

Having spent the last forty years of summer holidays at Jarnac and being a producer of plays in Paris for many years, Pierre Bonnier had been pondering how he might link these two privileges. How to build a bridge between these two worlds, how to bring to life the richness of the Charentais heritage and…
12 €
27 July 29 July 2024

The cognac festival

À Cognac
A reflection of true local identity, the cognac festival has so much to offer every year.Conviviality allied with sharing draws in an ever faithful and invaluable public over the years. La Fête du cognac is three days of partying and fun, three days during which it’s easy to identify the desire of producers to promote…
From €19/evening
31 August 26 September 2024

Festi Classique

Festi Classique in Cognac was born from a desire to marry two excellences – Music and Cognac. Festi Classique is a festival that present a programme dedicated to artists of the highest level and potentially to young prize-winners of international competitions. The aim of the festival is to discover the most brilliant talents of the…
Between €18 and €25
06 September 08 September 2024

Coup de Chauffe

An extravagant sound world fills the city of eaux-de-vie for several days and brings great joy to young and less young. In 2024, Coup de Chauffe celebrates 30 years of existence Thirty years have passed since the first “back to school” street spectacles in Cognac, thanks to Coup de Chauffe. The summer holidays last a…
18 October 20 October 2024

Festival Polar

The first Cognac Festival Polar was in 1996. Major crime novelists and comic book artists were invited to compete for the Polar prizes. In 2010, cinema, theatre and television were first included with their respective representatives and award-winners.Le Festival Polar de Cognac is still the only European festival to hand out prizes to these five…
25 October 26 October 2024

Le Ban de la Distillation

During the distillation period, Grand Cognac offers a notable event celebrating exceptional know-how The second edition of the Ban de la Distillation will take place on 25th and 26th October 2024 on a Grand Cognac site Le Ban de la Distillation highlights the process of Charentais distillation through the know-how of producers, the involvement of…
09 November 10 November 2024

The Marathon of Cognac

The Cognac Marathon is two employees, hundreds of volunteers, the active participation of entire surrounding villages – all of whom invite you to share in the sport, emotion and conviviality for three days … and nights!The races start from Jarnac on the banks of the Charente and everyone can find something that suits – 10km,…
15 November 17 November 2024

European Literature Festival

Enthusiastic and passionate debates, privileged time with authors from all over Europe, encounters for all ages, warmth and conviviality: all these expressions sum up the Cognac Festival of European Literature. Created in 1988, the LEC Festival has celebrated thirty years of existence. The LEC association’s mission is to encourage people to discover and appreciate all…

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