An initiation to a tasting visit in Cognac. The Meukow brand dates from the 19th century. In 1850, two brothers from Silesia, Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow, were sent to France by
Czar Alexander II in order to supply the Russian court with eaux-de-vie de cognac. After several journeys, they decided to establish a trading office in Cognac and founded A.C. Meukow on 1st August 1862.

In 1979, Meukow became part of the independent family business Compagnie de Guyenne, established in 1969 by Michel Coste. Since then, by benefiting from the commercial structure of the group, Cognacs Meukow continue to develop and broaden their range…

The intrinsic qualities of the panther brand

Elegance and suppleness

Keen to reinforce the impact of the Meukow brand, Michel Coste sought a strong symbol that would evoke the quality of its cognacs while distinguishing it from other brands. Thus in 1993, he created the Félin bottle, decorated with a panther that became the symbol of the brand.

The perfect balance between strength and suppleness that characterises Cognacs Meukow is the fruit of the Cellar-Master’s work. Anne Sarteaux, Cellar-Master at Meukow since 2007 perpetuates the ancestral traditions and know-how that have been transmitted from one generation to the next.

Cognac Meukow

From the Amber to the Light

At the end of the visit, a detailed tasting of three cognacs takes place. The pleasure of tasting can be continued by lunching in our restaurant Chai Meukow, where the chef draws your attention to cognac in it many forms : marinade, sauce and flambée…

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