Our bicultural heritage, with Scandinavian roots and the traditions of cognac is the founding value of our brand: innovation, tradition and passion.

An ambassador for the diversity of cognac

At Bache-Gabrielsen, we make each cognac an ambassador for the diversity of eaux-de-vie by expressing a typicity linked to one or several crus, one or several grape varieties, one or several agings : the possibilities for discovery are infinite, thanks to the talents of our partner viticulturists and the passion of our Cellar-Master, an expert in the arts of selection, aging and assembly of our regional eaux-de-vie. He pays particular attention to distillation, to the choice of the oak for our barrels and the humidity of our cellars, just some of the examples of know-how throughout the long process of creation to the final assembly.

Ageing cellar of the Bache Gabrielsen trading house where the barrels and casks of eau de vie are stored in Cognac.

Four generations

Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, representing the fourth generation, has run the company since 2009 beside Jean-Philippe Bergier, Cellar-Master for more than 30 years. The heritage and know-how of Bache-Gabrielsen, with this unique blend of Scandinavian roots and French traditions outlines the values of the house : innovation, authenticity and passion.

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