Welcome to Destination Cognac, the ideal place to discover unforgettable adventures! Explore the beauty of Cognac and surroundings through a multitude of activities for walkers created to heighten sensations and to savour the riches of this exceptional area.

Grand Cognac / Stéphane Charbeau
Promenade à Cognac en famille avec le parcours piéton

Help yourself tours of Cognac and surroundings

Our unescorted tours of Cognac and the area allow you to wander at your own pace, discovering hidden treasures and astounding panoramas. These itineraries for walkers are perfect for those in search of history, culture or just relaxation.

Grand Cognac / Stéphane Charbeau

Sunset over the vines

A break at the orientation table in Segonzac during a family walk at sunset with an amazing view over the vines.

Terra Aventura and geocaching

Terra Aventura en famille en bord de fleuve Charente
Grand Cognac / Stéphane Charbeau

Adventure beckons!

Budding adventurers should step into the exciting world of geocaching called Terra Aventura. Seek out hidden treasure, guided by puzzle-solving and enjoy a fun experience blending exploration and wonderment. A unique way to create unforgettable memories with friends or family.

Destination Cognac opens the door to a world where each step brings you closer to history, nature and adventure. Discover Cognac from a new angle, at your pace and let each path recount its story. Welcome to the art of walking, Destination Cognac style!

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