Welcome to the verdant universe of our region, where gardens are a joy to discover and savour. If you’re a fan of country walks, a horticultural enthusiast or simply looking for a peaceful stay in the heart of nature, our public and private gardens will not fail to charm you.

Les droners
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Our public gardens

Start your visit with the delightful public gardens in Cognac, Jarnac and Châteauneuf-sur-Charente.

These lovingly maintained green spaces are peaceful oases in the heart of our towns, perfect for strolling or recharging the batteries!

Jardin public de Jarnac avec sa grille ornée du blason de la maison Chabots

Gardens for every taste

Poules, grenouilles décoratives dans le jardin à l'occasion des Rendez-vous au Jardin

Events in the garden

Year-round, our region comes alive to the rhythm of events in the garden.

Make a date for the garden, for flower shows, themed workshops, guided visits. Celebrate the beauty of our green spaces by sharing convivial times.

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