Or how to organise a day in Cognac on cognac ! Visit Cognac and discover how the eaux-de-vie have affected the town’s architecture. Go back in time 300 years while remaining firmly anchored in the 21st century, admiring the view from a rooftop …

Urban Cognac

The vintners

Foreign vintners set up businesses beside the old houses, such as Augier, founded in 1643. In 1715 Jean Martell, from Jersey, established a business in Cognac and then in 1765, the Irishman Richard Hennessy, whose installation was directly linked to the traders in Dublin desire to send compatriots to the areas of supply. At the start of the 19th century there were ten Houses in Cognac : Augier, Martell, Hennessy, Dupuy, Otard Godard, Pinet Castillon, Caminade, Arboin Marett… By 1898, there were 124, an incredible expansion !

Visite du musée des savoir-faire du cognac, un musée présentant tous les métiers du cognac : la viticulture, le négoce, la tonnellerie, la verrerie et le design packaging
Maxime Vallée – Nos Curieux Voyageurs

The museum of cognac expertise

In a setting that brings together contemporary and ancient architecture, where the Perrin de Boussac townhouse (the façade of which is listed) and the House of Augier, from the Lusignan tower and part of the 14th century walls, the Museum of cognac Expertise covers an area of 2000m². Its roles include promoting the Cognac region and its heritage whilst presenting the human, industrial and commercial adventure of cognac.

History, heritage and culture

The cognac trade has marked the town both in its architecture and its urbanism.
There are buildings here that are found only in Cognac and this gives it a touch of originality.

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