Explore the famous spirit, cognac, an eau-de-vie based on the grape. Meet the men and women who have worked, generation after generation, to perpetuate a unique expertise. Discover cognac through a palette of unique experiences.

Visiting a cognac House

Visit the cellars of the Courvoisier cognac house in Jarnac, France

Discover the cognacs of excellence produced by the great Houses. Assembly, aging and marketing throughout the world constitute the heart of the profession of the cognac Houses, each with a unique identity. Book your guided visit to fully understand all the steps in the making of cognac and try a tasting. A rare and out of the ordinary experience.

If you lack the time during your stay to visit the cognac cellars, we have selected a few Houses for you that have a tasting area and a welcoming boutique.

Visiting the vineyards

Contemplating the vineyards

Get to know cognac from grape to assembly by visiting our vineyards. It doesn’t matter if you are a neophyte, amateur or connoisseur, the experience will be unforgettable ! Contact the producer and book an appointment first.

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