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This historic show on the banks of the Charente at the foot of Bourg-Charente château is created by the local History & Culture association and traces the story of a tradition and know-how that’s unique: cognac.

La fabuleuse histoire du cognac, spectacle son et lumière à bourg-charente

A magical spectacle

Histoire et culture à Bourg-Charente
La fabuleuse histoire du cognac, spectacle son et lumière à bourg-charente

Following the success of the “Once upon a time in Bourg-Charente” show in 2016 and 2017, with more than 2000 spectators, a new show was created for 2018 and 2019: “The fabulous story of cognac”.
The association rose to the challenge in July 2018 and succeeded in presenting the first son et lumière on the story of cognac, a magical event with numerous special effects and the latest artistic technologies.

The story

Cognac was born from a legend, that of the Chevalier de la Croix Marron. The show traced the elements that contributed to the steps that have made this elixir world-famous and incidentally, brought fame to the entire region. The story was told through ten tableaux retracing the creation of this golden beverage, born from a legend, without forgetting the period of Phylloxera when the vines were diseased. After this period came the unbelievable success and splendour that we know today.

Histoire et culture à Bourg-Charente

A living spectacle

Many local volunteers take part in the event that is marked by technology.

More than 180 people, mainly close to or living in the commune have spent time creating costumes, dealing with logistics, walk-on parts and sound management. These indispensable elements give the show its meaning and its rhythm.

And the 2024 edition promises more authentic costumes, full-scale decors and volunteers who are even more motivated and many novelties. La Fabuleuse Histoire du cognac.

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