Don’t just taste one but several, each offering a rich aromatic palette.
In fact there are many ways to enjoy Pineau des Charentes and not just as an apéritif… It goes well with desserts but also, surprisingly, with cheese.


The robe

Comité National du Pineau des Charentes
Glass of white Pineau des Charentes on the rocks.

Pineau blanc, the colours range from pale yellow to amber.
Pineau rouge, colours from dark red to reddish-brown.
Pineau rosé, pale pink to fuchsia.

The nose

For the whites, intense notes of fresh or candied fruits (peach, apricot, pear, citrus, exotic), walnuts or dried fruit for the older products and white flowers. For the rosés, intense notes of strawberry, raspberry or old roses. For the reds, a bouquet of red and black fruits (cherry, blackcurrant) and spices.

Comité National du Pineau des Charentes
Glass of pineau des Charentes rosé with ice

In the mouth

For the whites, the attack is frank, generous, full of finesse.
For the whites, a slight acidity, like an English boiled sweet.
For the reds? The attack is powerful, bringing out notes of spices.


You can enjoy Pineau des Charentes in a vast range of options but remember to serve it alone and cool. A tall glass and two ice-cubes and that’s a Pineau glace, perfect for young whites, light and fruity rosés. You can even add a slice of lemon or orange for the reds.
The older Pineau des Charentes (Vieux and Très Vieux) are generally drunk at room temperature. In cocktails, try these classics: Pineaujito, Négroni and Pineaucolada !

Good matches

After the apéritif, to which they are ideally situated, try a white with these cheeses: Comté, goats and Roquefort. Reds go well with chocolate or strawberries!

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