The philosophy behind Domaines Abékassis (ABK6 in French pronunciation) is : Single Estate Cognac, the concept of cognac from the grape to the glass. Each step in the production of our exceptional cognacs ABK6 is undertaken wholly in our estate: cultivation of the vine, vinification, distillation, aging, assembly, bottling… We do it all, in our estate.

A bunch of white grapes used in the production of ABK6 cognacs

We believe that making eaux-de-vie from exceptional estates confers a unique force and typicity to the cognac. As producers who are profoundly attached to their terroir, we have decided to produce cognacs that are distinguished by their origins. »

Francis Abécassis

A visit from the grape to the glass

Explore all the steps of cognac production through an intimist visit in the heart of our vineyards. Browse through the vines, visit the presses, the vinification cellar, the distillery and the aging cellars accompanied by one of our staff. As working the vines is a daily, year-round task, you will understand the commitment of our teams who by working these exceptional terroirs, create, with help from time, our exceptional cognacs that you will be able to taste at the end of the visit.

Cognac ABK6

The distillery

Our cognacs are thus distinguished by the know-how of our teams, their origins and their terroir.

In the heart of the terroir, a voyage of the senses

Cognac ABK6
Rows of barrels and casks in an ageing cellar at the ABK6 Cognac House

These aromatic and intense cognacs display the fruit of the vine and the lightness of its aromas. The complete range of ABK6 is gourmet with notes of candies, fruit, cooked apples, spices…
Since our foundation in 2005, ABK6 cognacs have won numerous awards in the most prestigious international competitions, proof of the quality of our eaux-de-vie.

Wine-making cellar, stainless steel vats, visit to the ABK6 Cognac house in Claix

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