Visit a full-scale paleontological dig just 20km north of Cognac and to the west of Angoulême. The scientists will welcome you to the dig at Angeac-Charente to share their work and the history of the site with you. Fifty or so researchers and students work there every summer. You will discover their techniques for research, cleaning and selection of fossils.

One of the biggest
deposits in Europe

The Angeac-Charente deposit is especially known for the discovery of one of the biggest dinosaurs in the world. A 34cm phalange belonging to a sauropod, one of the biggest grass-eating species, was exposed in July 2014. In 2017, a forest dating from 140 million years ago was brought to light.
Since the start of the digs, about 7,000 items and 70,000 fragments have been discovered. Fifty-six species of different animals (dinosaurs, tortoises or crocodiles) ten species of plants from the same period have been uncovered – a well preserved ecosystem.

Destination Cognac
Excavations by students at the Angeac Charente palaeontological site

Every summer, volunteers, students and professionals work on this exceptional site, coordinated by Alain Ronan, palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum in Paris under the watchful eye of Jean-François Tournepiche, palaeontologist and curator at the Musée d’Angoulême. It is an exceptional deposit that makes this palaeontologic site one of the biggest in Europe, a scientific reference point and an open history book.

The discovery of two sauropod femurs

Visite guidée des fouilles du site paléontologique d'Angeac Charente le guide à côté d'un fémur de sauropode et un dessin de squelette d'ornithomimosaure en taille réelle
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An extraordinary discovery !

Two sauropod femurs have been discovered on the Angeac-Charente palaeontologic site.

In 2010, the first sauropod femur, 2.20m long, was discovered in an exceptional state of preservation. During the tenth excavation season, the palaeontologists came across another bone – another 2m long femur. A wonderful present to celebrate the tenth campaign ! Reproductions of these femurs can be seen at the Musée d’Angoulême.

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The sauropod

The femurs found at the palaeontologic site at Angeac-Charente belong to a sauropod, a dinosaur that was at least 30m long.

Immersion with the dinosaurs from Angeac-Charente with a 3D animated reconstruction

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Our favorite ❤️

Mazan’s dedication
Every summer Mazan (Pierre Lavaud), a comic strip author living in Angoulême is present at each excavation campaign and brings fossils to life through his drawings and stories.
If you should meet him, don’t fail to ask him to dedicate one of his works; you’ll leave with an unforgettable memory.

Visits to the digs at Angeac-Charente

Explanatory panels on the palaeontological site of Angeac Charente, with images of dinosaurs and flora on the site

The discovery platform installed by the département of the Charente uphill from the site is accessible year-round and gives visitors the possibility of discovering the history of the Charente and its inhabitants from the Upper Cretaceous period. The actual dig is covered by water for the rest of the year.

Visite du chantier de fouilles du site paléontologique d'Angeac-Charente et découverte du fémur de sauropode.
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Guided visits and children’s workshops

Guided visits of the Angeac-Charente digs and workshops for youngsters from 8 to 10 years old are freely available every summer for two weeks in July.
Booking is essential and opens on 24th June 2024 on the site of the département.

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