With nearly 83,000ha of vines, cognac is both a famous spirit consumed worldwide and a universe to explore. The trading houses, the winemakers and all the tourism stakeholders have some great addresses to visit. Unique experiences that await you in the heart of the cognac appellation and its terroir.

Oenotourism experiences

With Explore Cognac, a complete sensory world opens up to you through unique, memorable experiences. Seek out, between land and sea, plains and hills, to discover breathtaking landscapes. Listen to the thousands of stories about cognac by enthusiastic men and women who live cognac on a daily basis. Learn about terroir and skills, go on organised walks through the vines, take part in discussions in the cellars or by the alembic, attend workshops on cocktails or assembly … a wonderful way to waken all your senses !
Connoisseurs or neophytes from here or elsewhere, a moment where time seems suspended awaits you as you read these pages, looking for the ideal wine tourism experiences of our appellation.

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