If you’re a fan of geocaching and treasure hunts, Terra Aventura was made for you! Terra Aventura is a great game that links walks with heritage discoveries in Nouvelle Aquitaine. You need a good sense of observation, nose in the air, to discover the clues that will lead to the hiding place and recover the Poïz’. There are six trails, one of which is for cyclists. It’s a great family activity. Be warned, you will soon be won over by this interactive treasure hunt!

The Poïz’ guide you in your quest

Grand Cognac / Stéphane Charbea

The Poïz’ are little creatures of marked character who will guide you on the region’s paths.
These imaginary little creatures symbolise the nature of the walk: Zéfaim, the gastronome, operates near Bourg Charente, Zéïdon takes you to the banks of the Charente, literary Zétoulu lives in Jarnac, Zabeth knows the historic heritage of Cognac, Zalambic keeps you company on the tracks of Grande Champagne and Ziclou knows a path or two 😉 in the countryside around Angeac. Full of good humour and loving word games, they will help you to discover surprising places that really are worth a visit.

Poïz' Ziclou

Zoom on Ziclou’s trail

We’ve hit a snag!

Terra Aventura can be enjoyed by bike with the mischievous Ziclou. Start at St-Simon. 3 hours, 17km.


How do you play Terra Aventura?

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