02 July 07 July 2024


Cognac Blues Passions has brought thrilling R&B stars from all over the world to the Jardin Public and the banks of the Charente.

Music that’s open to the world

The eclectic program mixes and untangles all the currents from the meanders of music open to the world.
A desire to share and meet people determines above all the spirit of COGNAC BLUES PASSIONS… these five days of music have the ambition to unite as many audiences as possible around the blues and all its variations.

Yves Lafosse
Cognac Blues Passions is a festival of blues, soul, jazz and rnb music, featuring a concert by Buddy Guy

The heart of the festival is spread around magnificent, lush vegetation, all the stages bring an exciting, original look to the Afro-American music form.

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